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Crafting and sharing stories that matter

Welcome to LEÓN Marketing, a Boutique Marketing Agency helping good companies from all over the world grow their business and connect with their communities.

Whether you are a small business trying to build a clear identity, a big company wanting to share engaging content, or an established organization looking for a strategic marketing partner, we can help you cut through the noise and make an impact.

Brand Strategy
Creating lovable brands.

Discover new parts of your company’s identity and innovative ways to build and communicate your messages effectively. As a result, you’ll perform better, create a real impact and reach unseen levels of success.

  • Brand’s personality
  • Brand’s identity and definition
  • Brand language & message: Finding the voice of your brand
  • Uniqueness concept: Building the unique concepts and USP’s of your brand
Crafting content that cuts through the noise and makes an impact.

Your brand should share content that is true to your brand’s identity and that is suitable and engaging for your audience. To assure you this happens, we use creative and analytical tools to cultivate reciprocal and long-lasting relationships with your target markets.

  • Blog articles
  • Content for email marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content for Social Media
Connecting, inspiring, and building communities.

Use your brand’s power to access, build and engage diverse communities and bring audiences together. A business’ online and offline presence can make a large impact on a community. Let your brand’s voice be heard everywhere.

  • 100% Organic Social Media Management
  • Community building
  • Online and offline content strategy
  • Webinars from A-Z
  • Creative briefs for Social Marketing
Localization Marketing in Spanish
Penetrating new Spanish speaking markets.

Our agency embraces a global atmosphere. Speaking multiple languages and having expertise in a number of markets is a large part of our cosmopolitan identity. We can adapt your brand’s values and messages no matter where you are, who your audience is, or which market you are trying to explore. Analyze. Adapt. Adjust.

  • Analyzing the new target market in order to build appealing messages, while respecting the brand’s values and identity
  • Adapting the brand’s messages
  • Adjusting the company’s business model for successful penetration of the new market
"In the past few years, I have been working with over 90 marketing experts from all over the world. The work LEÓN Marketing did for us in the Latino world was exceptional and serves as a role model for how work should be performed by a marketing agency."
-Ariel Hochstadt
Ex Google Gmail Marketing Manager & Online Entrepreneur
“The ‘Effective Messaging for the Right Audiences’ workshop was so accurate and right to my group. I want to thank the LEÓN Marketing team for your great and inspiring session here at”
- Hilla Hoter-Ishay
Global Head of Employee Experience at
"LEÓN Marketing has been a huge source of marketing support for the CoderZ digital marketing team over the last year. The team’s work is focused and with a passion that makes them unique and fresh. We continue to be satisfied and benefit from the positive results the LEÓN Marketing work bring to our outreach."
- Graham Celine
VP Marketing CoderZ & Intelitek
"LEÓN Marketing delivered big time, showing the best ROI for us and the highest turnover. Professional and reliable communication is very important to me and working with LEÓN Marketing was a pleasure."
-Adi Joseph Shmorak
Advisor and Mentor of Impact Startups
Founder at Adidacta and Kyron Education


We also facilitate interactive workshops to help people transform

Workshops that inspire people to discover new and exciting aspects of themselves and their brands, connecting them with better results.

Our Creative Facilitation engagements focus on ideation and branding. We combine playful creativity with applied strategy to facilitate productive workshops that help people build innovation and ultimately, thrive.


We strive to create a brighter and more meaningful tomorrow

Our consultancy helps leaders understand their potential, and turn ideas into successful business strategies. How? We partner with decision-makers from a number of different fields, to build a wide spectrum of brand-to-business solutions.

Whether your brand is growing its identity, releasing engaging content, or formulating an ambitious algorithm, all of these branding strategies stem from a carefully built approach.

We work with people who, like you and us, believe that products, companies, innovations, and technologies can change the world for the better.

We are proud of our partners and collaborators. Being involved in projects in multiple fields with these people is a privilege.


We are guided by our hearts, a mission, and a set of values

Our team of marketing, design, and social media experts combine experience, insights, creativity, data, innovation, good-hearts, intention, results and technology to help our clients unlock growth that is human-centered, transformative and long-lasting. 

Originally from Chile, Arie Elbelman lived in Israel for over 10 years, and now considers himself a citizen of the world. He is a communications professional with training in group dynamics, coaching, new media, and creative processes. Arie holds a B.A. in Advertising and Strategic Communications from the Diego Portales University, a diploma in New Media from the Tel Aviv University, and a degree in Non-Formal Education from the International Institute for Young Leaders in Jerusalem. Well-versed in international markets, Arie believes in people and in the positive impact innovation can have in tomorrow’s world.

arie elbelman
Arie Elbelman R.
arie elbelman

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